Our Story

We are a team of lawyers focused on offering a complete service in labor matters. Our team excels for its experience and diverse professional education, resulting in giving solutions to problems from multiple perspectives. We are characterized by implementing, in the most creative way, strategic solutions that are designed according to the needs of each sector.


On October 1999 the Vinatea & Toyama studio was founded as a labor boutique.


We Remodeled our firm

We became partners with one of the most relevant full-service firms of the country.


Restart of Operations as a labor boutique

With the purpose of penetrating in the specialization and to project it regionally, on September 2019 the Vinatea & Toyama story is restarted and the firm opens its doors with the objective of offering an exclusive and complete service in labor matters.


Inspections Area

The area was created to take charge of the sponsorship in the inspection procedures that SUNAFIL could initiate with our clients.


Ius Laboris

We are a team with more than 25 years of experience offering a complete service in labor matters and became partners with Ius Laboris, the only firm network specialized in labor law in the world.









Our focus is to be as efficient as possible, maximize rentability, and correctly manage our fixed contracts.
Our firm manages more than 4,500 judicial cases and 800 administrative cases.
Our Investigations & Development and Documentation Management department is led by 2 Lawyers in charge of more than 15 professionals generating for the firm a variety of more than 300 contents per year.
Our systems and tools allow us to offer our services from anywhere in the world.

Labor Law with Global Vision